Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Walnut Hill Church Weekly Letter

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Greetings to all!

This Sunday, January 13, is the Baptism of the Lord, the second of three
stories traditionally associated with Epiphany.  Jesus hits the public stage
with a splash as he presents himself to John for baptism, which at that
time was a rite signifying personal (and community) repentance and
renewal.  The church has long wondered what was on Jesus' mind when
he waded into the Jordan River.  There is, of course, no way of knowing
what Jesus was thinking.  Our recollection of the story provides an
opportunity for us to consider and recommit ourselves to the personal and 
public path of discipleship, and perhaps to hear for ourselves the words 
heard by Jesus, "You are my beloved daughter/son.  In you I am well

The lectionary texts for Jan 13, The Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord…

Being Disciples is the title of a conversation series beginning Sunday,
January 13, 10am. This series is inspired by the book, Being Disciples
by Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury.  Each Sunday's
conversation will focus on a chapter of the book. This Sunday's 
conversation focuses on the first chapter, "Being Disciples," offering new
insights on what being a disciple of Jesus means for today. Several 
complimentary copies of the book are available at the church.  Copies 
may also be purchased through numerous book sellers.

Sunday Hosts - Opportunities to host our after worship gathering are
available via the online sign up sheet .  Visit the sign up sheet, or check
out the traditional sign up sheet in the Sanctuary/Trinity Hall, and host
a Sunday soon.  Thanks to all our hosts!

Sandwich Ministry - A new sign up sheet for early 2019 has been 
posted in the Sanctuary for persons to participate as Walnut Hill Church
Sandwich Ministers at the Catholic Action Center.  Walnut Hill Church
Sandwich Ministers provide sandwiches for overnight guests at the CAC 
on the 4th Sunday of each month. This is a great ministry opportunity 
for individuals and families.  Check out the sign up sheet or use reply
email for more information.

Cemetery/Church Grounds Project - Work is currently in process on 
the next phase of the cemetery/church grounds project, particularly
a new entrance into the cemetery that will be both decorative and
functional. The current work is one piece of the implementation of the
long term plan for the cemetery and church grounds.  Visit Trinity Hall
to see the concept drawings for the entire project. Thanks to all those 
who have supported this work with their special gifts.

In the case of inclement weather on any winter Sunday morning, an
email will be sent by 9am reporting the status of church activities on
that day.  Also, a voice update will be available on the church phone
(859-263-5304) by 9am.  As always, use your discretion when deciding
whether or not to venture out on a snowy/icy Sunday.

Peace to all.

Mike Ward  

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